Why did I linger upon the Vessel the longest? note on Bremen Mosaic Mural at the central station upon invitation by Lacuna Squat, published as part of the Zine “Letters, Meaning” (April 2023) 

Preparing warm food as part of open studios at Arbeitszimmer thealit by Vicc Repasi and Dorsa Eidizadeh.(8. March 2023)

Translation as part of Fag Tips for Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst.(January 2023)

Roots, Branches, Leaves, a conversation initiated by Bubu Mosiashvili that imagines beyond the binary of conservation and destruction. (December 2022) 

Projektlogiken, a conversation initiated by Fritz Laszlo Weber alongside, Christoph Chwatal, Jasmina Al-Qaisi, Sebastian Bodirsky, Svenja Binz, virgil b/g taylor (August 2022)

In conversation with Rudolf Hickel around the former state central bank (Landeszentralbank) building in Bremen, published as part of the “Weaving Echoes” exhibition catalog (July 2022)

“Somewhere in the proximity” note on ایستگاه/Istgāh / (January 2022)

As part of Zefak (Future Arhives)

Contribution to FORMAT: WALK AND TALK (June 2022)

In conversation with Fag Tips for Artists Space initiated by virgil b/g taylor alongside, Fritz Laszlo Weber, Ashkan Sepahvand, Tiffany Sia, Sophia Hussain, Jesse Darling, Danielle A. Jackson, تجمّع المحتال Almuhtaal Collective, Jazmina Figueroa, Jay Sanders, Moad Musbahi (April 2022)

In conversation with Philipp Majer documentary series (Dec 2021)

In conversation with Research and Waves (Nov 2021)

Zefak Collective and Future Archives Manifesto (Aug 2020)

As part of Circa 106 (organizing cohort)

Lucas Odahara in conversation with Antonio Hofmeister Ribeiro, Rahel Jüngling, Rogerio Nishizawa, Hanna Stijnen, Karina Burjakov, Ziyi Li, Victor Artiga Rodriguez, and Aria Farajnezhad. (March 2021)

Conversation between Diogo da Cruz, Clara Osterburg, Renen Itzhaki, Aria Farajnezhad, and Victor Artiga Rodriguez. (October 2020)

Ana Filipović and Luiz Zanotello are conversing with Victor Artiga Rodriguez, Aria Farajnezhad, and Irena Kukrić . (June 2020)

Conversation between Guida Ribeiro, Leon Lothschütz, Aria Farajnezhad, Victor Artiga Rodriguez, and Irena Kukric. (March 2020)

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