Aria Farajnezhad is a multidisciplinary artist and organizer with a background in engineering and a long-term engagement with rhythm and playing percussion. His work encompasses a variety of mediums, predominantly emanating from the investigation of immediate surroundings and following up with researching genealogy as well as socio-political material conditions and power relations which constitute the very particular experience in the here and now. That might once translate into dealing with the telecommunication restriction policy and speculation around similar engineering of the city structure and electronic cheapest, the other time delve into the sound wave landscapes in relation to sonic memory, or as the work Now Is No Time At All is suggesting: unpacking the synchrony between the fundamental turn in the shutter technology and the birth of the A-bomb.

Aria’s recent work called Listening to The Rainbirds is a sound Installation plus publication that oscillates between inquiring about the epistemological undertone to expose the whole earth through rocket technology and the narrative, in which opacity shapes off active resistance and reluctance to full exposure. To listen to the infrastructures and environments needed in place to launch the rocket or inspect the interior of the ear anatomy but also to listen to and with the witness position, the listener with temporary loss of hearing.

Aria is a former fellow at Ashkal Alwan’s Home Workspace Program between 2018- 2019.  He has been participating in multiple duos and collective projects in his practice focusing on organizing and inventing and preserving spaces that can accommodate critical engagement and participation. In 2018 he was involved in the Zefak Ida green, the project space in Bismarckstrasse 106, and since February 2020 he is co-running the project space Circa 106 and has held a residency scholarship in Kuenstlerheuser Worpswede as part of Zefak collective through which they organized a three days Symposium in August 2020 to institute a space for local artists, scientists, and activists to reframe the relationship between the universal and the particular to local and global struggles. Zefak’s recent work called Where the River resides has come to life upon an invitation by Sadtdgalerie Saarbruecken and MM, M in December 2021. 

Contact: aria.farajnejad@gmail.com

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