Collective Expansion, September 2016

in collaboration with Sorush Gharehbaghi

Collective Expansion is a data processing software, which through some strategies such as long repetitive circles and highlighting the nodes, apply horizontal characteristics of a “rhizomatic” system in order to give the audience the visual experience of the verb: to become.

Everyone can feed the collective expansion according to their desire (a collection of words which could be meaningful / nonsense / hybrid / pre-established)

There are two different involving groups, and two represented graphs. The audience can take part in this interactive installation by either visiting the gallery or accessing the system via Internet.

Screenshot from the website

One of the generated graphs, simulate the interaction of outsiders, and the other one simulates the insider’s interaction. These two digital sculptures will be projected holographically into two black showcases.

In collective Expansion, human networks, outside the gallery act singularly and divided from populaces, but in the gallery, common directions could intensify each other and emotions could have more sharing capacities. Multiple ideas would have the chance to transform to movements of the bodies in a collective dimension.


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