Extended Closure, July 2017

5 Antenna Portable Signal Jammer, Faraday Cage, Videoloop, Documents

The first part of the video investigates two different engendered structures with the same camera movement.
The electronic chipset, which is actually an opened case jammer, has a function to deliberately transmit signals on the same radio frequencies as mobile phones. It is disrupting the communication between the phone and the cellphone base station, effectively disabling mobile phones within the range of the jammer.
The upper right screen, captured from google maps, was one of the locations (Azadi Street in Tehran), that witnessed the execution of this technology. Despite that the city is victim of this machinery, the comparison might reveal the same engineering.
The sound also consist of the noise, which is coming from the chipset’s cooling system and the sound of a drone, flying over the city.

Video, Extended Closure, Still, Min (00:23)

In the second part of the video, instead of details and fragments of the chip, the whole body overlaps with the cartographic frame.
The background is taken from a youtube tutorial, which was developed by a company called ATDI, showing the possibilities and advertising the facilities, which could be made possible. This is the product, that mainly telecommunication companies are wanting to have.
The voice of the speaker is getting interrupted constantly with the noise of the device, which is getting turned on and off by someone off screen.

Installation view, FAQ, Bremen, Germany

The installation constitutes a mobile phone jammer, which is enclosed by a Faraday cage. The jammer was ordered from Germany and delivered from China. 

Using jammers according to telecommunication law in Germany (TKG) could cause a fine, up to 50.000 Euros, but the government has the authority to operate the device in places like prisons or use it against self-organized demonstrations.

A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields. The invisible constant attack between these two blockers would create a sterilized sculptural object, disabled enough to be shown in art space. The legal construction of the aluminum shielding could reduce the illegal usage of the device to a shiny golden object, apparently seductive, potentially critical.

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