Photocall, April 2018

In collaboration with Dorsa Eidizadeh and Vafa Aminikia

photocell is a virtual/actual intervention, dealing with the European media art festival31 festival’s proposition of looking at the potentiality of real and artistic take on the definition of report.

the work encompasses a variety of actions, beginning with the installing the emaf’s sponsor wall in the osnabrück theaterpassage. An old, semi-functional mall, ready to be gentrified, now offered for art students to turn it into a media art exhibition theme park.

virtual visibility

after two days offering the public an station for pseudo-promotion and offering the visitors to take red-carpet-portraits, the wall got removed and transformed to the Kunsthalle where the main exhibition was happening. The object enters the museum space without triggering any suspicion. The people in charge for the security permit the pass. The wall is invisible enough to be placed in the proximity of conference area.

Installation view, Kunsthalle, Osnabrück, Germany
Installation view, Kunsthalle, Osnabrück, Germany

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