Room 3.14.05, February 2018

in collaboration with  Dorsa Eidizadeh  / Ariane Litmeyer / Torge Meyer / Ludger Näkel  / Sabine Peter / Anna-Lena Völker

Three benches with nine seats, three plants, a table, a ticking clock, a gray carpet, two loudspeakers, and blue-gray slats

According to seven contributors, there are seven written texts, which were performed by a male, German, middle aged, expert, radio announcer. The audience can sit and listen to the sound which is coming from two loudspeakers, located behind the blue-gray slats.

The text is being narrated once in English and once in German, describing the shortest way to exit the building from this room.

Installation view, HFK, Bremen, Germany
Installation view, HFK, Bremen, Germany

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