Lower Upwards Horizon, March 2020

in collaboration with Patrick Peljhan

Using satellite imagery, mapping and 3D-rendering tools, we are diagnosing the moments of simplification by examining the principles which lead to the “scientific image”. While framed as “science”, based on the humanist idea of the enlightenment, such technologies often are funded by the military-industrial complex. The fact that a lot of the programs and imagery we were using, are publicly accessible as “open-source” or “freeware” in the internet, developed by students as we are, applying their knowledge to research institutes set up within universities, further illustrates the imperialist network of academic, economic and military expansion.

July 2018

Aluminium mesh, projector, speakers, sound loop

Light projection from the ceiling to the floor
crossing wave landscape mesh
hanging in median level of the room
creating a framed enlightened area on the ground

the projection on the floor
interrupted by the shape of the mesh
fences in a 2-dimensional distorted shadow map

On the ground level a stereo sound composition circles the space in a loop consisting of an layered humming

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