Temporary Dislocation As A Response To A Friend

93 HFK theory class chairs 

Temporary Dislocation is a response to this invitation of opening the private space. To make this happen I struggled with the school (public organization) and I finally convinced them to allow me transport around 100 chairs to Julias Ida Green just for a weekend (27th and 28 of Jan 2018), but since the chairs were belong to theory rooms, they had to be returned at the latest at 9 am on Monday, to be ready for the earliest seminar in the morning.

Installation view, Julias Ida Green, Bremen, Germany
Installation view, Julias Ida Green, Bremen, Germany

Theoretically, I wanted to transport these chairs from one territory of the Institution to another one, but since each chair costs 250 euro, the school asked me if I can insure 25000 euros, which I like to carry through the public space. The chair’s installation facing the stage follows the same pattern from gray zone in the living room to white zone in the project room.

Room plan, Julias Ida Green, Bremen Germany 

Nothing is happening on the stage.

The chairs constitute a coherent picture, and would stage the all three rooms in order to represent them as one. The attempt to make the living room part of the project space, could become to a failure by the walls blocking your sight in white area or the inhabitants want their occupied space back in the gray one.

This two interventions in the school and into the house, question if it is possible to open up the public and to shift the bureaucratic structures.

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